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Silver Butterflies LLC sells design butterfly products of art & crafts, wall decor designs, beautiful jewelry, books, design pens, and many other items in our store.  In addition, we educate and teach other children how to care for butterflies and moths as they go in life.

Silver Butterflies LLC was established with a heart of compassion from Hannah Cook, for her love for caring for butterflies and moths. Her passion and love for butterflies has developed into her making crafts and arts with butterflies and other fun things.

Hannah has been studying butterflies and moths for over six years, and her passion for them continues to grow. Now, her mission is to share her knowledge with other children about caring for butterflies, moths, and other insects as well.

Education is a part of Hannah's goal to reach out to other children to teach them about butterflies and moths from a scientific viewpoint. Hannah is also an author! She published her first children's book in June 2022. Her other interests includes experiencing fun science projects, adventurous travel activities, and learning about nature. Maelene Cook, her mother, is currently operating and managing the business on behalf of her daughter since May 2021. Exploring GOD'S beautiful earth is a great joy!!!

Making Beautiful Art And Inspiring Children To Have Fun With Art

Should you have any questions about our work and advocacy, contact us at silverbutterfliesllc@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Get to Know Hannah Cook

Hello everyone, my name is Hannah. As you may know by now, I enjoy caring and learning about butterflies. When I was just three years old, I really loved seeing and learning about butterflies. There was something so special about each one of them. Then I learned, there are over 18,000 varied species of butterflies on this earth. WOW!! Yes, I thought to mysel,f will I be able to see all 18,000 of them!

My excitement of learning about butterflies is continuing to grow each year because there is always something new to learn about them. I think that butterflies and moths are the most beautiful insects in the world! I thank GOD for his beautiful butterflies and moths. In my spare time I immensely enjoy writing, designing arts, and crafts.

Congratulations​ to the author Hann​ah, publishing her new book!!!!!! The Butterfly Who Thought She was a Centipede, is Hannah's first children's book. Buy a copy of her book here.